Base exhibition

Arsenalen is the largest military vehicle museum in Scandinavia. The museum presents the history of military vehicle development from the early 20th century until today. The vehicles are shown in their technical and historical context. The emphasis is on the period from the outbreak of World War II until the end of the Cold War (1939-1990). During these years an unprecedented technical and tactical development took place which is shown in the museum displays.



The Soldiers croft and the exhibiton

Around the soldiers croft we have recreated an environment that demonstrates how it could look like in the mid-1800s.
In an adjacent building provides an insight into how the constant knave worked and how he lived


The Figure museum

A fantastic collection of tin miniatures in tableaus showing scenes from the stone age and onward. A fascination story of toys turned collectors items.

Regimental museum


Exhibition about the Regiment based in Södermanland between 13oo-2005’th.


Temporary Exhibition

    Volvo 90 years!   

This year’s theme exhibition is all about Volvo

In April 1927 the first Volvo car left the assembly line and together with Scania Volvo has been a major contractor for the Swedish Army. Best known are probably the cross country vehicles made by Volvo in the 1960’s and 1970’s but Volvo has also produced armoured cars and tanks. In the museum there is a lot of vehicles made by Volvo – they all have the Volvo symbol.

Childrens Arsenalen

A very popular place for the kids where you can play in a PV-jeep or try living in a military tent. Beside the playroom is also our Tokyo Wars game that is a tank battle game for two players.


IMG_2169 hemsidan

World of Tanks gaming zone

Try out World of tanks at the Wargaming game zone. On our mezzanine level there is a permanent game zone where you can try out all the tanks in the game. the game zone is a permanent part of our museum that was unveiled in the autumn of 2016.

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