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Amphibious Car 101 – Alvis Stalwart

In 1962, at Alvis Ltd, officers from the Coastal Artillery (KA) were trained on the prototype of amphibious car 101. The first vehicles delivered were designated 101A. In 1966 101B was delivered, and in 1967 came the final variant – 101C. The crane was installed in Sweden. These vehicles were in Sweden only in the Navy.

Amphibious Car 101 is a transport vehicle that combines good off-road accessibility with the ability to swim. It was originally intended as a maintenance vehicle for coastal fighter battalions, but was used as a towing vehicle for the Arte 719 mobile artillery command system. When it was discontinued in 1985, Amphibious Car 101 was taken out of service.
The five-speed gearbox sends power out to the middle bevel gearbox on each side via the distribution gearbox. From there, the power goes directly to the middle wheel and via propeller shafts to the front and rear bevel gears. All three wheels on the same side always rotate equally as fast. Differential brakes between the two sides are located in the transmission. The steering affects the front and middle wheels, where the front wheels have twice the angle of the middle wheels.

In water, you connect – via a power take-off on the gearbox – two impeller units (“water jet”) that drive the vehicle. With two joysticks, you act on flaps at the exhaust and regulate the direction of the water jet. With the joysticks fully backwards, the water jets are directed forwards and the vehicle reverses.

The winch is driven hydraulically via a power take-off on the gearbox and can be used both on land and in water.


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Alvis Ltd, United Kingdom

Manufacturer's designation

FV 622 - Stalwart

Swedish military designation

Amfbil 101A / B / C (this is a 101 C)

Manufacturing year


Vehicles in service in Sweden



Rolls-Royce B81 liquid cooled inline 8-cyl petrol IOE engine Stroke volume 6.5 liters (396 Power 162 kW (220 hp)


Manual 5-speed gearbox. Manual 5-speed gearbox with forward-reverse gearbox. Transfer gearbox with forward-reverse.


9,500 kg (20,930 lbs) / 13,500 kg (29,740 lbs)

Top speed

On land: 65 km / h (40 mph). In water: 5-6 knots / kts


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Här står Amfbil 101A / B / C (this is a 101 C)


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