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Off-road tractor w/42 – Volvo TVC

As early as 1973, Volvo began the development of a heavy off-road truck to be able to pull cannons and the result was “TerrängVagn B” (TVB) which was manufactured in 146 copies. However, the TVB was only rear-wheel drive (6×4). As a complement to these, 21 6-wheel-drive trucks were purchased from the Skoda plants in the Czech Republic, but the need for more cars existed and the development of a truck that was similar to the Czech was finalized in early 1941. The result was ATV m/42 (TVC) which was produced in 165 copies.
The individual wheel suspension was already on TVB and you probably got the inspiration from Czech Skoda. TVC got 6-wheel drive, but due to its front weight it had poorer terrain accessibility than TVB. The cars used as tractor units for artillery pieces were modified in two stages, first a larger engine and later a more spacious cab. The cars were in service until the early 1980s.


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Volvo AB, Sweden

Manufacturer's designation


Swedish military designation

Terrängdragbil m/42

Manufacturing year


Vehicles produced


Vehicles in service in Sweden



Volvo FBT or C6, inline 6-cylinder water cooled overhead valve petrol engines. FB: 7,56 liters (461 103 kW (140 hp) C6: 10,64 liters (649 132 kW (180 hp)


Manual 5-speed gearbox, 2-speed transfer case with selectable front wheel drive. Differential locks.


10 230 kg (22 530 lbs)

Top speed

60 km/h (37 mph)

Här står Terrängdragbil m/42


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