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Stridsvagn (Strv) m/41 SII – CKD TNH

Tank production in Sweden did not meet domestic needs and 90 ea of TNH was ordered in 1939 from CKD in Prague. Germany confiscated the tanks and designated them PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf S. After lenghty negotiations with German authorities about license production, 116 tanks could be ordered from Scania-Vabis in 1941 and delivered 1942-1943 – Strv m/41 SI. In 1942 a second order was made – Strv m/41 SII, which had thicker frontal armour, a larger fuel tank and a more powerful engine needing more space, hence the chassi extension between the 2nd and 3rd road wheels.

Strv m/41 did not use new technology; the chassi was riveted and leaf springs were used instead of torsion bar suspension. But the tank had good cross-country mobility and manoeuverability, something which was enhanced by the pre-select gearbox. Reliability was excellent, and the chassi came to be used in several applications, in Sweden (SAV m/43 and Pbv 301) as well as in Germany during the war.

All Strvm/41 were rebuilt to SAVm/43 or Pbv301 in the end of the 1950 s and beginning of the 1960s. No ”real” Strv m/41 remains; the museum exhibit is a SAVm/43 which has been converted back.




CKD, Tjeckoslovakien – licenstillverkning av Scania - Vabis, Sweden

Manufacturer's designation


Swedish military designation

Strv m/41


8-50 mm


Bofors 37 mm kanon m/38. 2 st 8 mm ksp m/39.

Manufacturing year


Vehicles produced

1400 (Pz38(t))

Vehicles in service in Sweden

116 (SI) + 104 (SII)


Scania-Vabis L603, in-line 6-cylinder water-cooled overhead valve Engine. 396 160 hp


Praga-Wilson 5-speed preselect gearbox.


24 250 lbs

Top speed

30 mph



Här står Strv m/41


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