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All-terrain vehicle (Tgb) 30 Scania SBA 110

In 1965, the Chief of the Army established the requirements for a new off-road car generation. In addition to increased load capacity and improved terrain accessibility, the
Armed Forces demanded simplified training and service, increased reliability and lower costs, as well as standardization and use of civilian components. Only two classes of vehicles were deemed necessary, one “light” and one “heavy”. In 1969, SAAB-Scania won the procurement in the heavy class with a completely new construction. In 1971, the first 4 test-cars were delivered, two with manual and two with automatic transmission. After several rigorous tests, another 22 cars were delivered for troop trials in 1972-73. Series deliveries began in December 1975, the cars had now been given the designations SBA110 (2-axle) and
SBAT 110 (3-axle) or in the Armed Forces; ATV 30/40.

The cars were designed for difficult terrain, they could handle 60% (31°) incline and 40% (22°) side slope. Thanks to their flexible frame, they were able to climb over 60 cm diagonal obstacles with all wheels in the ground. The automatic transmission was found to be superior off-road with inexperienced drivers. To replace the engine braking effect, Scania had a control that applied a light brake pressure when driving off-road.
The army ordered several different wreckage variants with and without a crane or staff cabin.
The crane was mainly used for ammunition handling. Later, the Swedish Air Force ordered various special designs for e.g. snow blowers, fire and rescue services. The museum’s copy is a tanker truck for refueling combat vehicles. The Air Force got its own variant called ”The Giraffe” which carried a radar for robot systems 70 and 77. A prototype for a tow truck was never mass-produced but was later sold to Svempas Bilbärgning in Stockholm.
In 1989, the last Tgb40s were delivered to the Armed Forces. Most cars have been sold in surplus but some are still in service (2011).


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SAAB-Scania AB, Sweden

Manufacturer's designation


Swedish military designation

Terrängbil (Tgb) 30

Manufacturing year


Vehicles produced

Ca 1 800 (alla SBA110)

Vehicles in service in Sweden

1 535 (alla Tgb30)


Scania-Vabis D11, inline 6-cylinder watercooled overhead valve diesel engine. 672 220 hp


Scania GA763, 3-speed automatic gearbox with integrated manual transfer unit with selectable front wheel drive and low range.


Curb weight: 19,425 lbs / Gross Weight: 29,515 lbs

Top speed

50 mph



Här står Terrängbil (Tgb) 30


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