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Now we will beggin to plan the actual transport and prepare the museum for the King Tiger. More information coming soon!


The Swedish Tankmuseum, Arsenalen, would like to put a German King Tiger on display. The tank is currently on loan to the National Military Museum in Holland and if Sweden can raise enough money for the transport the tank will be on display at Arsenalen museum in Strängnäs from March 2022 to March 2023. This is a unique opportunity to bring a King Tiger tank back to Sweden.

The Swedish Army had a King Tiger between 1947 and 1950 but it ended up as a target on a firing range in 1950 and was finally scrapped.

Now we have the possibility to bring a King Tiger back to Sweden for a one year visit. We have a sponsor who is willing to pay half of the money needed if we can raise the other half. The total cost is estimated to 350 000 SEK (35 000 EUR), so if we can raise 180 000 SEK the sponsor will pay the rest. During the time the tank is on display we will arrange special events covering the history of the tank. More information about the Swedish King Tiger on Svensk Pansarhistorisk Förening

How to support?

Up to 499 SEK (49 EUR) A thank you with your name on our website.

500-999 SEK (50-99 EUR) A Certificate and a thank you with your name on our website.

1000-4999 SEK (100-499 EUR) An exclusive T-shirt, a Certificate, and a thank you with your name on our website.

5000 SEK (500 EUR) or more, you will be invited to an exclusive tour to have a closer look at the tank. Preliminary date, 14th of May 2022. Of course the above listed benefits are included.


To take advantage of the benefits when donating more than 500 SEK, you have to enter your email address when paying. The benefits are for one (1) person. The exclusive tour will take place on the specified date. Those eligible will be contacted by email with details. When you make a payment you accept our data protection and GDPR policy and processing of your personal data. We protect your privacy and do not collect more information than necessary. If we don’t reach the goal before 14th of February 2022 all donations will be returned to the donors.

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