About 100 years ago, 10 tanks were secretly bought and smuggled from Germany to Sweden, in several different parts. However, in the customs document the parts were registered as tractor parts. This is where the Swedish armor history began and took its place.

In 2001 there were only 4 tanks remaining of the m/21-29, but none of these in a runnable condition. The idea of renovating one of the tanks were born and in 2013 the hard work began. At this time the goal was to finish the renovation until the 100th birthday of the m/21-29 tank.
Almost 5 years of hard work and thousands of working hours later, the tank was again running on June 12th 2018 and is now proudly on display at the Arsenalen museum.

Behind this project is Arsenalen together with the Södermanland Regiment Museum Association and Armémuseum in Stockholm.
If you want to know more about the work of the m/21-29, you can read all about it on the renovation blog: blog.arsenalen.se

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