The Friends Association

The Arsenalen friends association, Södermanland Regiment Museum Association, was formed during the active time of the local Regiment. It supported the Regimental Museum, and now it supports Arsenalen.

Södermanland Regiment Museum Association

As a member You contribute to preserving a part of the Swedish military heritage. Join and give us Your support!

The association is a non-profit organization, which primary purpose is to support the foundations (The Sodermanlands Military History Collection) development and operation of Arsenalen, The Swedish Tank museum.

  1. The association shall work towards military historically, interesting equipment being taken care of and saved.
  2. The association shall support to the development of the museum.
  3. The association shall collect funds for maintenance and renovation of vehicles and other equipment that’s included in the collection.

Your personal contribution can either be a “passive” membership, an active participation in the association or something in between. All contributions are welcomed.

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